Utilizing a broad skill-set accumulated through working in a variety of sectors and settings, I care deeply about helping great ideas and products realize and express their full potential.

Transforming vision into an executable strategy requires a keen ability to understand and refine the desired outcome, and the ability to illuminate and define the best path forward.

The process is not always easy. It requires mutual respect, honesty, patience, dynamism, simplifying complexity, and most importantly, the courage to carry out and adapt the strategy as needed.

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Me: "Bro, can I get some directions?" Random dude: "To what?" Me: "To becoming your best friend." #DudesGreetingDudes
- Sunday Nov 9 - 3:19pm

Roaring fire. See anything in the flames? @ Matt's Dad's House
- Sunday Oct 19 - 1:52am

@mrw thanks Matt, hope you're well. I've got another baby on the way too!
- Wednesday Aug 13 - 1:00am